Catherine Harris is a Cape Cod-based artist with ten years of hands-on experience photographing people. She is driven by her passion to help others establish a deeper connection with themselves and their own desires, whether by promoting healthy self-esteem amongst high school senior portrait clients or rejuvenating the entrepreneurial spirit of a business owner through lifestyle branding and development. She believes that success can be shared and cultivated through a collaborative spirit and offers a supportive, inventive and productive hand to any client or project that has a need to stand out from the rest.

During her time away from one-on-one collaboration, Catherine enjoys the isolation of Cape Cod landscape photography to refocus and center. She strives to evoke feelings of both nostalgia and wonder through her landscapes, constantly pushing to turn a familiar landscape on its head and reinvent locations that have been near-and-dear to Cape Codders for hundreds of years. Her works are available as framed and unframed prints. 


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I am a self-taught landscape and portrait photographer based on Cape Cod. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, I have been pursuing photography for almost half of my life. 

At twelve, I counted out money I had earned hawking newspapers to purchase my first Nikon DSLR, literally stacking small bills and towers and towers of change onto the counter of a Ritz Camera store. 

At fourteen, I was photographing high school seniors several years older than me, helping build the confidence of young adult women to see their beauty. 

At sixteen, I was being driven all over New England by my mother to photograph weddings with my business partner and high school classmate. 

At eighteen, I honed my portrait style and began documenting my day-to-day life with more zeal. I created stories that oozed the universal nostalgia of being a teenager, wildness and heartache and invincibility. 

At twenty, I drove 1,750 miles across the country to test the waters of southern living, reconnecting with my Texan roots. I photographed the whole journey and made my inevitable return up north with a portfolio full of landscapes. 

At twenty-three, I have learned how to marry these experiences together to create a photographic style that allows my viewer to dip their toes into my reality. I only show photographs that I have felt with my heart and seen with my eyes. I strive to create pieces that evoke something between excitement and nostalgia. I want my viewer towant to visit the places where I spend my time and to meet the people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I want you to love the beauty of this life as much as I do and that is why I share mine.